Web-based service supporting fax submission and delivery from browsers. Customers can upload address lists for storage on the network and download reports, message status, and billing data.

Problem: A large Telecom company wanted to provide a carrier-grade fax service that would support submission and delivery of fax messages from web browsers. The project included web-server and fax server design, fax and telephony interfaces, extensive management reports and real-time message statistics and billing feeds to the Telecom company hosts.

Action: We were contracted to create an overall design for this new product offering. This included everything from user interface to back-end processing. We developed a fax delivery engine and coordinated the efforts of internal resources that developed the browser interface.

Result: The Company has selected this service as a 'going forward' system to be further enhanced to deal with new business. This service won Product of the Show award at FaxDirections/Messaging World '99. This service may be viewed at www.webtofax.att.com.