High volume fax server system that supports IP-based interfaces to facilitate submission and delivery of fax messages via SMTP, FTP and the Web.

Problem: A large Telecom Company needed to upgrade their existing commercial fax delivery system to a new state of the art system. They wanted to reduce operational costs while significantly enhancing service offerings to increase market share in the very competitive commercial fax market. The company requested: Previous internal projects to achieve these goals had failed.

Action: We designed and implemented a new, IP-based Fax Server System that supports submission and delivery of fax messages via SMTP, FTP and HTTP. Project costs were contained by carefully leveraging the existing infrastructure where justified and replacing only the highest potential ROI components of the system. The system was designed to require minimal operator intervention and to be easily integrated into existing network monitoring systems.

Result: Our solution was delivered on schedule and within our proposed budget, which was less than half the combined cost of the client's two failed projects. This system has been stable in production for years.