Public email delivery system that handled a million messages per day. The system supports X.25 PADs, Telnet, SMTP, FTP, X.25, SNA, Bisync, IP sockets, X.400, EDI and Fax.

Problem: In the early 1980s a major telecom company decided to build a large store-and-forward message switch. At that time, the concept of an electronic mailbox, sent and deleted folders were being implemented for the first time. This evolved into one of the largest public email systems.

Action: Digital Arts personnel were key members of the development team that implemented this large system.

Result: Although Digital Arts was only one of many vendors originally involved in the project; our client has decided to rely exclusively on us for the design and implementation of all major enhancements over the last 15 years. We have played a pivotal role in ensuring that this platform, still in use, provides state of the art service for the tens of thousands of business customers is supports.