Automation of Call Center information collection and routing.

Problem: A large money transfer company needed to integrate their existing infrastructure at the call centers to improve customer satisfaction by enhancing the productivity and efficiency of its Customer Service Representatives (CSRs).

Action: We designed and implemented a custom solution to integrate the Automatic Call Distributor unit, Interactive Voice Response (IVR) units and host systems. The software we created collects information at the IVR then transmits it to the host. The host validates the data and then based on the transaction type and status, routes the call and data to the proper Customer Service Representative. Originally the CSR received the call, looked up the transaction, decided who handled that type of transaction and then manually transferred the call, "voicing" the information to the new operator.

Result: Return-on-Investment cost savings from our solution in the first year of operation were over twice the implementation cost. This change reduced the workload of 600 CSRs. The average reduction was 30 seconds per call for the 2,000 calls of this type received daily. Our customer's clients' satisfaction was also increased.