Enhanced functionality of Call Center application.

Problem: A large money transfer company wanted to increase the functionality of their call center application to improve the handling of their clients' calls.

Action: We conducted a job function analysis, in conjunction with the call center personnel, to understand how operators handled the various types of calls. We identified a myriad of opportunities to eliminate redundant processes, and automate them to enhance productivity and reduce errors. We also identified opportunities to enhance the application's flexibility. For example:

We designed and implemented enhancements to the applications to eliminate these problems and improve the information delivered to customer service representatives.

Result: Return-On-Investment cost savings in first year of operation (approximately $750,000) were almost five times the implementation cost! Our solution reduced the time a customer service representative spent handling client calls by an average of 35 seconds per call for the 5,000 calls per day affected. Our customer's client satisfaction with the service was increased.