Financial transaction processing system supporting an international network of several thousand PCs. PCs access the system via dial-up or TCP/IP.

Problem: A large money transfer company needed to build a transaction processing system and a network that would allow for thousands of remote agent locations.

Action: Although we were only one of the many vendors involved, it was Digital Arts that stepped in and provided key elements that resolved problems with the initial product offering. One example of this was our demonstration of a radically different design for the agent interface software. Our demonstration resulted in the decision to redesign the agent interface software running at all remote and local locations. Our new design reduced the transaction processing time from 95 seconds to 9 seconds without requiring the purchase of any new hardware. The best alternate proposal (not from us) would not have reduced the transaction processing time by nearly as much at twice the cost due to hardware requirements.

Result: The system is now the world's largest money transfer platform. We continue to design and implement enhancements for this system.