EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer) middleware (message transport) design for a nationwide Automated Teller Machine (ATM) network.

Problem: A major ATM handler, supporting over 20 million card holders on several types of ATMs, needed to replace their old software infrastructure with a new, more reliable and robust system. Among other things, the new system had to be fault tolerant, provide for distributed processing and provide automatic disaster recovery by redeploying transactions and services across remaining data centers in the event of a data center failure. No existing system fit these requirements.

Action: We provided the overall approach and design for this revolutionary system. A simple interface to the middleware services allowed for the huge, existing application to be quickly converted from its existing platform. Sophisticated processing logic within the middleware, (the client was granted a patent), provided a secure, quick and fault tolerant messaging system. This system made distributed processing and disaster recover nearly invisible to the application.

Result: The system was implemented and successfully replaced the older technology. The system has grown to handle over 100 million monthly transactions.