Digital Arts, Inc. was founded in 1984, by John Potochnak, with the objective of providing clients with the best value for their investment in mission critical/fault tolerant software design, implementation and support services. John's solid programming background with Unix operating systems, and his work at Tandem Computer corporation, gave him the confidence to feel that he could build an enterprise that would deliver applications with superior functionality and reliability. His opportunity came when a large financial services firm engaged him as a consultant. The relationship endures; today that multibillion-dollar corporation is one of Digital Arts' largest customers.

The firm is especially proud of it's tradition of attracting and retaining the finest people-with their shared goal to be the best at what they do, by engineering applications that "get it right the first time." This commitment to quality is a key reason why Digital Arts has been able to thrive in a field in which some firms aren't able to survive long enough to finish the project for which they have been contracted.