Internet Shopping with a new twist.

Problem: An Internet entrepreneur had an idea for a business-to-consumer shopping site that presented consumers with a unique shopping advantage. It would allow the consumer to go to one place and select the shopping criteria with the most benefits for them. At the same time, this site would present new venues for product marketing. Because of the methods used to serve and market to the shopper, existing shopping and auction software packages did not have the functionality necessary to implement the site. A completely new shopping service needed to be created. To entice venture capitalists, this system would have to demonstrate significant and distinctive intellectual property.

Action: We were contracted to design and engineer this system, which is based on the latest Java technology. Digital Arts personnel worked with the entrepreneur to define the requirements. A new processing "engine" was designed and built to implement the unique shopping services our client required.

Result: The entrepreneur has been given the technological tools necessary to prove and demonstrate his new shopping concept. The technology is currently being demonstrated to secure the necessary funding to commercialize the service.